The current challenge:

Hello fellow neographers!

I pitched this idea and it seems that it might work. I have created a competition that is, shall we say, rather specific. Many of you are aware of my writing system (a.k.a. Lorthography ) called, dhadakha. I want to see what other people can do with my script. I need a variant script which maintains the feel of dhadakha and gives a sense of evolution, artistic application (cf. Arabic), or perhaps a predecessor (i.e. proto-script). I am doing this because I am stuck in a specific rut and I want to expand the writing system somehow. Therefore, without further ado, here are the rules:

Once all submissions have been received, there will be a public vote (myself excluded) to "grade" each entry in four main areas using a 10-point system:

The voting will be deliberated over a period of three days (72 hours) to allow people the chance to vote. Each area will amass points based on votes and the top three with the most points will be submitted to me. Of the top three, I will choose one (or two if a tie) to be featured on my website with credits due to the artist(s) and link(s) to their own personal scripts/constructed languages.

If you wish to participate, you can submit your work here.