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<div style="font-weight:normal; float:right;">[[#top|^ top]]</div><br/>
'''Monophthongs'''<ref>Monophthong. (2018, September 5). In ''Wikipedia''. Retrieved from [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monophthong https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monophthong]</ref>
Vowels (except [i]) are attached to the preceding consonant forming ligatures.
Vowels (except [i]) are attached to the preceding consonant forming ligatures.

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Writing System

Lortho's writing system is called dhadakha, so named by the first three letters. It is an alphabet with some featural aspects in denoting aspirated vs tenuis consonants.

Dhadakha is comprised of 21 letters, one of which is a vowel. The writing system behaves in a similar manner to an abugida; however, there are no consonant conjuncts[1] and vowels are given equal status as consonants. Ligatures are formed by consonant + vowel with the vowels [i] and [ɛ] being the exceptions. Dhadakha was inspired by the Devanagari, Uchen, and Tengwar writing systems.


Lortho Alphabet

Vowels and Vowel Constructs

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Vowels (except [i]) are attached to the preceding consonant forming ligatures.

Lortho Vowels
Lortho Vowels


The diphthongs are written as seen below.

Lortho Diphthongs
Lortho diphthongs

Word-Initial Vowels and Diphthongs

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For word-initial vowels, the letter [i] will be used as the place holder (unless the [i] is the vowel) and the additional vowel will be added as one would on a consonant-vowel ligature.

Romanized Text

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Since Lortho has its own script, a romanized version has been set up to make it easy to read and pronounce as shown in the tables below.

IPA d k l t p ʃ s n m h b f ɾ
Romanization dh d kh k lh l th t ph p sh s n nn m mm h b f r
IPA i a ɛ u o
Romanization i a e u o
IPA au ɔɪ
Romanization ai au oi ei


The counting system in Lortho is decimal (base 10):

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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