Welcome to the simple guide for dhadakha, the writing system of Lortho.
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sahir korashidimima kalanune hana harledima hula nira hana hula suraneme . madhidimima niporona hana hamediname nimamela . finalima madhit hamena moname kodashala minanaume . :

- Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

There are 21 letters in the Lorthoan alphabet; one of which is a vowel.

Table 1: Consonants
dh d kh k lh l th t ph p sh s n nn m mm h b f i r
[dʰ] [d] [kʰ] [k] [lʰ] [l] [tʰ] [t] [pʰ] [p] [ʃ] [s] [n] [nː] [m] [mː] [h] [b] [f] [i] [ɾ]

Although the writing system is in fact an alphabet, the system exhibits traits of an abugida. This can be better explained through example. Below you will see how the vowels are written in relation to the consonant.

Table 2: Vowels
dha (dhe me)* dho dhu dhi
[dʰa] [(dʰɛ mɛ)] [dʰo] [dʰu] [dʰi]
* The only time /e/ is a descender is with the letters /m/ and /mː/.

In an abugida, the base letter slightly changes to show that a different vowel is present as seen in Ge'ez. In Lortho, the vowels are added to the base letter to form a ligature. In some cases the ligature forms a single glyph.

The syllable structure of Lortho is (C)(C)V(V)(C). Vowel-initial words do exist, although rare. In the event a vowel begins a word, the ligatures in the following table will be used.

Table 3: Vowel-Initial
a e o u I
[a] [ɛ] [o] [u] [i]

Diphthongs and vowel constructs are also handled as ligatures. Below you will find the diphthongs and vowel combinations allowed in Lortho.

Table 4: Polyphthongs
dhai dhei dhoi dhau dhie
[dʰaɪ] [dʰeɪ] [dʰɔɪ] [dʰau] [dʰiʲɛ]

Below are the numerals in Lortho (base 10):

Table 5: Numerals
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The Unlucky Fox

shadar lharane dasat dharakhinat harlikhi nuphi .
khabalikhi nuphi dalhotamekhon dhaharlikha halhadar a .
kilikhikhi ikhi molha kansapume .
harlikha dirdhalama lidalhota mokansapoina .
khar khesikhi nuphi kansapume denalikhu kansapu lukhothume hana tushadikhu khashume nuphinalo .
tharikhu bonhan monu saurammu thasame nuphinalo . :


Originality, linguistical accuracy, and creativity are key components in developing a fully fleshed-out conscript. Dhadakha delivers on all of those fronts. Mr. Bourque's skill with a pen is apparent and on full display in his Instagram account. The Dhadakha script isn't just original and unique, but follows linguistic norms the way most neographers only hope to master. Its uniqueness is matched only by its elegance and beauty. Also, a script like Dhadakha has the kind of calligraphic potential that I aspire to in my own scripting.
I give the Dhadakha script a 5x4 for aesthetics and functionality respectively.
- tlacamazatl