Many of you who follow me on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, or Discord (@bbbourq#4561) might already know that I based the script off of one of the races on a strategy board game a friend of mine was developing. I originally developed it in early 2003. Unfortunately, due to our profession at the time we lost contact with one another. Shortly thereafter my hard drive in which I had stored this script crashed. This was long before I truly understood the CIA triad in cyber and information technology (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability). I tried for so long to find my friend and colleague, but to no avail. When I finally gave up looking for it, I decided to work on it based solely off my memory. I remembered only a couple base shapes and the more I worked on the script, the more it morphed into the one you know and love today.

Fast forward to 19 January 2021. I finally found my friend and we had a nice, long conversation to catch up on the last 18 years. I finally broke the silence and asked about the script. Not only did he still have it, but he sent it to me like it was something he references often! What a feeling of euphoria and catharsis!

I have the script, but there is a twist: it was developed for a different race on the same game—Lortho was one of them. The script was actually for the race called Brine [bɹaɪn]. With this newly rediscovered old information, I now feel compelled to make another conlang, based on this new script. Perhaps it might be a variant of Lortho? Or better yet, perhaps I can make Lortho a daughter language to Brine. Either way, I making something out of this!

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Hello! I am Brian Bourque, the author and creator of Lortho, the artistic conlang (artlang) that this site focuses on. I am relatively new to the community; however, I have been active enough to get my name out there and you might have already heard of my work. If my work shows up on anything other than FB, Twitter, Instagram or this site, chances are it has been published without my permission / knowledge. Enjoy your stay and look around!

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