A Twist Develops

While researching I discovered this word:

didera [di.ˈdɛ.ɾa] n. neut • invalid, a person disabled by illness or injury; (informal) unbeliever, heretic

The informal definition of this word really struck me. I had always thought the Lorthoans to be a kind and loving people, but even as this culture is deeply rooted in the power of nature, they, too, have their ways of removing those who do not follow “the way.” Thus, this opens a new door into the world surrounding this culture—and created plenty of questions: Where do these unbelievers go? Do they have a dialect? Did they make an underground network or perhaps a secret form of communication with one another? Are they mortal enemies?

And other questions: Who ousts these diderane [ˌdi.dɛ.ˈɾa.nɛ] (plural of didera): Are there different factions or sects? Are there sympathizers? And a plethora more.

In no other path during my research did I stumble upon these diderane which leads me to believe that the Lorthoans wrote them out of their history. Could it be the recent discovery I made with the loesheq [ˈlœ.ɕɯq] (speakers of Dhakhsh)? Could they be the diderane? So many questions. I’m really curious what will pop up in my research. I will definitely take a closer look at Dhakhsh and see if there are any hints of this. Curious as I did discover that both cultures are aware of one another’s existence, so it is possible that the diderane could be the link.

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