A Nominalized Discovery

I recently made a discovery regarding nominalized nouns in Lortho. Nominalization is achieved by adding the prefix mo– to the verbal root followed by the gender suffix [one of –i, –u, –a for masc, fem, neut, respectively]. The gender is normally assigned by the gender of the “doer.” However, I uncovered a nominalized verb with a fixed gender.

The word to which I am referring is the nominalized verb: khathuro [kʰa.ˈtʰu.ɾo] v. · fight, battle

Normally, this would be nominalized as either mokhathuri or mokhathuru; but what I found was the nominalized form was only feminine: mokhathuru. This opens so many questions, like: Why is it only feminine? Who did the Lorthoans fight? How many wars were fought? Where there only female warriors?

I think the more light shed onto this topic the more we will learn about the Lorthoans and their warriors. It seems they weren’t purely the peachy peaceful type as previously thought.

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Hello! I am Brian Bourque, the author and creator of Lortho, the artistic conlang (artlang) that this site focuses on. I am relatively new to the community; however, I have been active enough to get my name out there and you might have already heard of my work. If my work shows up on anything other than FB, Twitter, Instagram or this site, chances are it has been published without my permission / knowledge. Enjoy your stay and look around!

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