Lexember is Nigh upon Us

Soon the conlanging community will be involved with the activity known as Lexember. Lexember is a portmanteau of the words lexeme and December. Lexember is the largest community challenge in which language inventors make the goal of creating new words for their language(s). The intent is to make at least one word each day during the month of December.

The past two years have been a blur for me, so I hope that I will have the time this year to stay consistent with one word a day. I think with the support of the community I will be successful in reaching my goal. In fact, my family wants to help me this time around!

My hope is that I will not only discover new words, but also new grammatical constructs. Since the word order in Lortho is verb-subject-object, I am sure to find new ways to express any intent. I will be—more than likely—mostly active on Reddit and Twitter. Keep a look out for the Lexember hashtags as well as any related threads on /r/conlangs. Wish me luck and give us support! We sometimes find inspiration through some of the most unlikely sources…

Published by bbbouq

Hello! I am Brian Bourque, the author and creator of Lortho, the artistic conlang (artlang) that this site focuses on. I am relatively new to the community; however, I have been active enough to get my name out there and you might have already heard of my work. If my work shows up on anything other than FB, Twitter, Instagram or this site, chances are it has been published without my permission / knowledge. Enjoy your stay and look around!

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